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Snagg it, time it, track it

Track project progress and ensure payment for extra work

Our WeQuote partners asked for a tool that helps ensure they get paid for all the extra work completed during a project. They also requested a management solution for measuring real-time labour hours to accurately measure profitability.

We are therefore pleased to introduce the exclusive Snagg software tool to help our partners quickly identify and quote for additional work and accurately measure the labour cost of all elements of a project.

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Use Snagg to manage

project delivery

With an accepted quote from a WeQuote project, you can now use our Snagg application to track field service engineers, quote additional work and measure profitability.

Seamless integration with WeQuote

Available on IOS and Android devices

For those "can you just?" moments

As installers we hate to say "no" to special requests. With Snagg you can instantly share additional work requests with colleagues, quickly quote customers and get approval for extra work.

Accurately measure labour

Field engineers use Snagg to easily log the time spent on each aspect of a project. This data links back to WeQuote and is measured against the allocated labour.

Accurately measure the profitability of a project

Ensure healthy profit margins are maintained

Powerful integration with WeQuote

Snagg was designed to integrate with your accepted proposals on WeQuote. This enables integrators to measure the real-time cost of their quoted resources.

Download the app to get started today!